Applicable Codes & Standards

Structures are designed and manufactured in accordance with American Codes, Unless Specified EMERGING BUILDCON. applies the following US codes , which are recognized as the PEB standard worldwide, for designing of all steel buildings :

  • Wind zone and velocity are considered and applied as per latest edition of IS875-1987 code of practice for design loads.
  • Seismic loads are considered and applied as per seismic zone in the latest edition of IS1893-1984 (Revised in 2002). Seismic load of application is considered as per the latest edition of MBMA- 1986
  • Loads on the buildings are applied in accordance with the latest edition of International Building Codes, International Code Council. Inc (IBC) 4051, West Flossmoor Road, Club Hill, IL 60478-5795, USA.
  • Loads on the building are applied in accordance with low rise building system manual of Metal Building Manufactures Association INC, (MBMA), 1300 Summer Ave, Cleveland Ohio 44115, USA, 1986 edition, 1990 supplement and the latest edition and supplements.
  • Hot rolled sections and built- up sections are designed as per the ninth edition (1989) of Manual of Steel Construction-Allowable Stress Design of American Institute of Steel Construction. Inc (AISC)1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 3100, Chica-go, Illinois-60601-2001, USA
  • Design for Cold Form Section are carried out as per the 1980 edition of Cold Formed Steel Design Manual of American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI), 1000, 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC, USA and the latest edition and supplements.
  • Welding is carried out in accordance with the 19th Edition (2004) of Structural Welding Code – Steel (AWS DLIM:2004) of the American Welding Society (AWS), 550 NE Lejeune Road, Miami, FL 33126, USA and the latest edition and sup-plements.
  • Wherever relevant codes are not available, the buildings are designed and constructed as per the latest edition of IS 800
  • General Material Specification

    1 Built up members ASTM A 572 M Grade 345 Type 1 (or) its Equivalent
    2 Hot- Rolled Members
      • Beam & Columns
      • Tubes
      • Channel
      • Pipes / Handrails

    IS 2062/1999 Grade B
    JIS G 3466 STKR 490 Or EN 10210-1 S355J2H
    IS 2062/ 1999 Grade B
    ASTM A53M Type E or S Grade A
    3 Cold Formed Secondary Members
    Black Steel
    Galvanized Steel

    ASTM A 607 Grade 50
    ASTM A 653M SS Grade 340 Class I, Z275
    4 Sheeting & Liner Panels
    Galvanized Steel

    ASTM A 792M Grade 345Bm AZM 150
    5 Mezzanine Deck Panels
    Galvanized Steel
    Cold Rolled Steel
    ASTM A 653M Grade 345 Z120
    6 X- Bracing Members
    ASTM A 615M Grade 300 (or) ASTM A 36M (or) equiva-lent
    ASTM A572M Grade 345 type I
    7 Anchor Bolts ASTM A36N (or) equivalent
    Hot dip Galvanized ASTM A 153M Class C
    8 High Strength Bolts DIN 933 Class 4.6/ 4.8 (or) equivalent
    Electro Plated Yellow Chromate
    9 Machine Bolts ASTM A325M Class 8.8 Type 1 (or) equivalent
    Hot Dip Galvanized to ASTM A 153M Class C (or)
    DIN 933 Class 8.8 Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Gutters will be usually be made from the material used for sheeting.
  • All the above material specifications may vary depending on the design and functional requirement of every PEB.